How to Meditate Daily? 12 Simple and Powerful ways to zen you out

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As a meditation teacher, and a meditator, I get this a lot:

“I want to meditate, but I don’t have time.”

“I come from the office so late- I feel hungry by that time, how can I meditate?”

“I want to establish a meditation practice- but it’s just not happening. Something or the other keeps coming up!”

“I don’t think this is making any sense. I don’t see any benefits!”

How to overcome these objections?

I’ve been meditating for the last 10 years (not on and off…every single day- thrice a day). So I thought I’ll share some ideas that can make meditation a consistent habit for you.

And this is not about having a fixed place, fixed time, having meditation props, and all that. These tips will REALLY REALLY HELP. If you’ve been loving what meditation does to your mind, but haven’t found regularity, these powerful ways will come in handy.

If you haven’t learned meditation YET- I don’t know if you’ve been living under a rock- the most successful, most amazing, and beautiful people in the world are meditating, PLEASE start…and make friends with meditation.

Source: GIPHY (You WILL clap for me after reading all these tips!)

Okay so, back to tips: How to maintain a regular meditation habit?

1) Get a buddy

When I first learned meditation, to be honest, I didn’t practice it for 6 months. A friend of mine who wanted to start it regularly asked me if I’d wanted to be her buddy.

We would commit to each other to meditate twice daily, inspire each other if we didn’t feel like doing it, and checked on each other before sleeping. This helped me enormously!

This was the foundation for my regular meditation habit. So I’d advise get a friend (not a lovey-dovey kind, someone who can overpower you, and be ruthless) and commit to each other that you’ll meditate!

According to a research from the University of West Chester in Pennsylvania, 181 students were put in a control experiment. Here they were asked to access the gym for 30 minutes every day. They set up 5 groups with these themes:

  • Go to the gym alone
  • Go to the gym with a buddy
  • Go to the gym and get an $80 Amazon Voucher
  • Go to the gym with a buddy and enter a lottery for the Amazon Voucher
  • Go to the gym and get a chance to enter the lottery for the Voucher

Guess who won?- The 2nd one!

2) Make a time-bound commitment

Success is the product of daily habits — not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.

— James Clear, Atomic Habits

“I’ll meditate every day twice for the next 3 days

is easier than

“From today I’ll meditate every day

Define a time that you think you’ll be able to achieve instead of taking lifetime vows!

3) Be in the company of meditators

Photo by Gabby K from Pexels

It’s true- positivity, great habits, and enthusiasm are contagious too (Not just viruses!). So if you REALLY want to make meditation a HABIT and a way of life- talk to people who meditate. They’ll pass on the meditation vibes to you.

4) Yuktahar Viharasya (Meaning of this Shloka below)

Many studies now prove the correlation between refined foods and their effects on the functioning of the brain. They worsen our stress, hamper our immune system, and compromise our clarity.

One of the most important things to understand about meditation is its relation to the food that we consume. If your everyday food is too oily, too sweet, too junked, too spicy, too much in quantity, and a combination of all of the above- it will be impossible for your mind to say YES to meditation.

A moderate quantity of good food (That’s what the above Shloka means!) will evoke in you the will to meditate. Watch out what you eat!

And yes, if you feel you’ll be reaching home late or are going to finish a meeting late- eat something (carry nuts, fruits) around 5–6 PM so that you can meditate before dinner. And your stomach doesn’t GROWL like a hungry wolf.

5) It’s okay to not feel anything

There may be times when you might not feel anything when you meditate. That you don’t feel any depth. Or any silence. But just move on is what I would say.

The depth of your meditation depends a lot upon these factors too: physical movement, the company of people you are with, your screen time, the amount of sugar you eat- so many things. We can’t really control these things, but what we can do is not judge the experience of our meditation.

The benefits are guaranteed- every moment spent meditating holds tremendous value.

6) Know that it will work!

Most people I know give up on meditation and mind mastery techniques- because you can’t really see the progress. When you are gymming, you can see your weight reducing or increasing. You see your muscles develop. You see your body becoming lean.

But with meditation- you can’t really “see” the transformation which happens. So just knowing that this is going to work for you, in the long run, will inspire you.

Just type “The benefits of meditation” on Google and you will see a million results. Go to TED and they have hundreds of talks by scientists, doctors, athletes, students, actors, musicians, and others sharing their life-transforming experiences with meditation!

Psst…it is believed that globally 200–500 million practice meditation.

So no doubt- IT WORKS!

7) Put your obligations aside and be SHAMELESS

I’ve meditated in hotels, in the car, on a train, on the bus, on flights, at the railway station- if you are really serious about meditating, you’ll FIND A WAY.

Trust me when I say this- it’s not impossible. In fact, I find it hard to believe when people tell me “I can’t find TIME to meditate”.

Another thing that I have noticed is a lot of people feel ashamed, or awkward or embarrassed to meditate in the open. I can understand. But when you start doing it- you’ll soon earn their respect and the space to do it :)

You aren’t always going to find a tree-house | Photo by Samuel Silitonga from Pexels

8) Smile when you meditate

Smiling surprisingly is a lesser-known secret to having a good meditation experience. When you smile, you loosen up your body and even mind. Which in turn helps you go inwards quite effortlessly.

9) Practise a breathing technique

This is like a warm-up. Breathing techniques have immense benefits:

  • They help your thoughts subside
  • They immediately take you to a zone of quiet
  • Breathing techniques also help you wear down any fatigue you might be facing, de-freezes your brain, and helps you relax.

Then slipping into meditation becomes quite easy. Nadi Shodhan is one breathing technique I vouch for before sitting to meditate.

10) Did you let go- how the quality of your meditation is related to pooping

Don’t get me wrong.

If your stomach’s clear and light- you’ll DEFINITELY be able to meditate better. If it’s clogged, you will not even FEEL like meditating.

Clogged stomach = Lot of thoughts!

The energy doesn’t move freely. Like the unreleased poop, it’s also STUCK. So, a visit to the toilet keeps unwanted thoughts away.

11) Sleep well

Without sleep, it’s difficult to get your mind in focus or a letting go mode. A good night’s sleep will give you a beautiful meditation experience. For an adult, 6–8 hours of deep sleep is a must.

12) Go for a retreat

Meditation retreats are sure-shot ways to deepen your meditation practice. First, you are with a group. Second, most retreats will offer programs where you have to keep silence. Third, the ambiance of the whole place is meditative- so it becomes effortless for your mind to slip into the calm zone.

Every 4 months I go for a meditation retreat to the Art of Living Center. This keeps my meditation practice upgraded.

So here I end my thoughts on keeping up a meditation practice. If you benefit from it or feel they might help you- drop me some claps!

To summarize, here are the 12 ways:
- Get a buddy
- Make a time-bound commitment
- Be in the company of meditators
- Eat well, eat healthy
- It’s okay to not feel anything
- Know that it will work!
- Put your obligations aside and be SHAMELESS
- Smile when you meditate
- Warm-up with a breathing practice
- Quality of your meditation is related to pooping
- Sleep well
- Go for retreats

Okay bye :)

Keep meditating amidst these times of distress!


If you want to start meditation, I would highly recommend learning the Sahaj Samadhi Meditation technique from the Art of Living Organisation.



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